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Acronym for Plain Old Java Object.
Java Beans are POJOs but Enterprise Java Beans are not.
by Angel Vomit August 09, 2006
a word describing something cool and rather poofy.
your pants are totally pojo, dude.
by Waterfalls__ September 15, 2005
A nonsensical unit of measurement used to describe how old a certain internet joke or phenomenon is.
"All Your Base" and the Star Wars Kid are atleast 7 pojos old.
by Xyntar September 21, 2006
Someone who mods or Hacks
Person 1: OMG I just found a guy pojoing.
Person 2: what an asshole.
Person 3: I know right i spent my life trying to get through without pojoing and this guy ends up doing it, what a waste of time!
by Vatobot June 24, 2010
a name you use for something or someone when you cant think of anything else to call them.
Look! It's Pojo!

Gawd, you're being such a Pojo.

That Pojo is wack.
by Syd the Piper November 27, 2008
Verb describing the sexual act of position 69 performed by homosexual men.
Shawn and Sean love to pojo, I heard them for hours last night.
by Angel Vomit August 09, 2006
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