1. (Adjective) to describe as nerdy or smart

2. (Verb) Performing an action that is nerdy or adds to your knowledge, such as studying or visiting the library.
1. Man, why is Alex so pointy, he set the curve for the last chemistry test!

2. Hey Jason, want to go out today? or are you going to pointy?
by poofyloop April 02, 2010
Top Definition
Being in the process of having an erect penis.
She grabbed his crotch and realized she made him pointy.
by Forseti April 13, 2006
(n) a biracial person; a person of mixed race (from "point 5", i.e., 50%), usually a person with one parent of African heritage and one parent of European heritage. Most often used in East African countries (Kenya, Uganda, etc.).
Axl didn't realize that Slash was a pointy when he hired him.
by d-cup November 04, 2011
erect nipples visible underneath the fabric of a blouse/sweater/sweatshirt/bullet proof vest, etc.
Oh man, I'm not going outside Hilary's pointies are on full alert, it must be freezing.
by MrVids March 02, 2008
A name for a girl with breasts that are so pointy you feel as though safety googles may be required.
He put his hands over his eyes as pointy approached. He feared loss of sight.
by hooka1 January 11, 2005
piss of im not telling you ussually used in txt mssgs
are you going out with james again.?
by funki munki June 15, 2008
Visual stimulation caused by erotic imagery or action, usually associated but not limited to female anime or fighting game characters.
I want to make custom artwork for my SFIV Tournament Edition Fightstick, but it's really only worth it if it's pointy.
by SeanHiryu August 18, 2009
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