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Ordinarily a military term, but recently having found its way into everyday jargon, a point man is member of an operation who leads at the front of the group. Generally this causes them to be the first person exposed to threat or danger.

The act of being a point man is to "be on point," "take point," or "walk point."
I'll be your point man since you're not familiar with the area. Make sure you watch my back.
by Tatsumatic March 17, 2011
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(n.) One indigeonous to or familiar with the current vicinity, who acts as a guide to the foreign peoples. A key point of anti-guerrilla forces. Pointman is a bisexual term, and does not change to pointwoman.
I'll be pointman, you can follow ten at ten paces.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 06, 2004
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Pointman the (opposite of a cockblocker) is a player or alpha male who starts macking while the wingman covers the grenade or macks to the other women nearby in clubs or other settings
a wingman notices the clubs women the pointman starts macking to the girls while the wingman helps the pointman to score.
by Clinton Ziza Smith May 11, 2006
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When going out with a group of male friends with the intent of picking up women together, the point man is the friend that will always jump on the hand grenade, while the wing man's responsibility is to distract the cock blocker friend.
Rob: Check out that gaggle over there.

Ed: Yeah, but they got a bridge troll with them

Rob: It's cool, Eric's our point man
by ReverendBob June 30, 2009
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One who assists in the apprehension of a female's number, similar to a wingman. They do not, however, have to distract the ugly friend
Guy 1: Ok, you can be pointman while I land the hot one on the right.

Guy 2: Sounds good, but you're playing point next
by Holy_Crapoli March 03, 2005
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