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Fighting Game Community. A world-wide network of gamers dedicated to fighting games like Street Fighter, Tekken, Marvel vs. Capcom, etc., who typically keep in touch via social media or online forums.
Arcades are an important part of the FGC. They allow players to actually meet up, play against each other in person and discuss strategies.
by Tatsumatic March 17, 2011
Ordinarily a military term, but recently having found its way into everyday jargon, a point man is member of an operation who leads at the front of the group. Generally this causes them to be the first person exposed to threat or danger.

The act of being a point man is to "be on point," "take point," or "walk point."
I'll be your point man since you're not familiar with the area. Make sure you watch my back.
by Tatsumatic March 17, 2011
Pitch Circle Diameter.

Refers to the number of lug nuts in a wheel and the distance from one lug to the opposite end of the lug arrangement. This is also known as the bolt pattern.

Typically expressed in (Number of Lugs) X (Distance), for example, 5x4.50 (in inches) or 5x114.3 (in metric).
Mike: I'm looking for some new wheels for my BMW, what PCD would that be?

Paul: The bolt pattern for all BMW vehicles is always 5x120.
by Tatsumatic March 17, 2011

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