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A reference to the pointed tip of a syringe needle that will be used to inject speed(crystal methamphetamine) into your blood.
Looking to get to the point.
by Waikikisunset April 06, 2011
4 9
A common way to refer to the city of Stevens Point, WI.
Yeah, I think I'll go down to Point this weekend, go down to the square, get tanked, and if Im lucky, maybe get some pussy down there too.
by JonathanChance October 21, 2003
42 47
V: To joke somebody, especially a burn that is extremely weaksauce in nature.
N: A point acquired in such a way
V: Dude, I definately just pointed the hell out of you.
N: Alright, you win. I'll give you that point.
by Blike Miley April 23, 2008
3 9
1.75 grams of powdered drug usually referring to cocaine as known as a teener or half of an eight ball.
Tony only gave me a gram and a half point cuz' hes a fiend.
by Shay Muny April 12, 2008
9 15
(1)Winning an arguement sort of like a debate and you win you get a point (2)When a point is made in an arguement, conversation, debate, interview or common interaction between human beings.
Female A-Your boyfriend is cheating on you.
Female B-Is not! Do you have any proof!?
Female A-He's only 4 inches long
Female B-OH MY GOD! HE IS!
Female A-Point

Guy 1-You should break up with her.
Guy 2-Why!?
Guy 1-She's ugly.
Guy 2-Point.
Guy 1-She's using you.
Guy 2-Point.
Guy 1-You don't even like her!
Guy 2-Point.
by RAFSparkennoodle August 10, 2006
4 10
used when referring to a drug sale.
Points (needles) meaning hits of whatever your drug may be, by injection.
Ben: yo, how much for some cocaine?
Dealer: two points, ten bucks
by bwang April 16, 2005
22 31
one degree arc of the same radius as the circle it is contained in
A circle is made up of 360 points
by daemon November 15, 2004
7 16