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/póg-inz/: n. excrement, specifically the act of using the toilet for defecation.
1. I've had a particularly lovely poggins.

2. I have to go make poggins.
by Hal Jackson February 05, 2010
the art of engaging in the act of sexual activity.
are you going poggin tonight?

do you fancy a pog?

would you pog her?
by Karl & Ste May 20, 2008
Can be used as an adjective or verb, much like 'bawlin.' Used to describe a state of being, more than likely inebriation, marajuana high, the tripping of the bawls, the frying of the cid. Also used in place of 'awesome' or 'groovy', sometimes even 'tyte'.
1. Dude, I'm poggin so hard right now!
2. That's so poggin dude! Holy shit!
by BreatheElectric November 20, 2006
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