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1) The act of dominating someone in a competative activity.
derived from the idea of sybolically placing an inferior opponent into ones pocket or total control. 2) The act of collecting and securing an object. Usually referring to a valuable item such as currency.
1)Yo did you see how Ro pocketed Ant on Madden?... He's still picking lint out of his hair!
2)I pocketed about six bills on the tickets I sold.
by Romaine M. July 14, 2006
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Adjective used to describe a person whose shirt pocket has been ripped off in the process of pocketing. Often, someone who has been pocketed also chooses to engage in the process of pocketing others.
Michael was pocketed so many times that he no longer has any pockets on his school uniforms.
Michael is now a pocketer who attempts ensure that others are pocketed because he is jealous of their abundance of pockets.
by Forest Prefontaine May 01, 2008
When you accidentally take something from someone else, or someone accidentally took something from you.
"Hey man you pocketed my lighter just now."
"My bad, it's a bad habit"

"When I got home I realized I pocketed your phone, mine looks exactly the same my bad"
"No problem bro"
by jgross212 June 04, 2013

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