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A great guy with lots of ambition and friends. He's very cool and one of the sweetest guys you've ever met. And he's cute too!!
Aww, don't you just love him, hes such a Tolga!!
by Sxx May 01, 2005
A Turkish name that means "soldier" or "war helmet" in Old-Turkish.
Tolga seni maaf edecek.
by Tolga K. October 30, 2005
The action of punching easter bunny into his dirty face.
I'm a give you a tolga!
by Anonymous August 15, 2003
who knows @_@ half man, all unibrow.
never visit switzerland. hell, europe all together.
people: "stop being stupid tolga"
tolga: "u r"
by easter bunny May 05, 2003
- A muslim who is very dangerous considering the weapons he probably owns, and also lies a lot and laughs at almost everything, and is very annoying
shut up tolga omg
by jamaall25 July 22, 2010
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