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"He stole money right out of my pocketbook."
by annnoexox March 26, 2007
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A vagina.

Commonly used by an older person when speaking to a younger person about their gentials. Reason being, you carry it everywhere you go, it opens and closes and it's made to put things in and out of.
Don't forget to wash your pocket book, ya nasty little thing!!
by theboithatcould January 25, 2006
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old (1930s) southern slang for vagina, pussy, cunt, twat, etc
her pocketbook bled when she first had sex.
by jllove May 13, 2006
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Similar to pocket dial, pocketbook refers to any Facebook message, status update, etc. that is accidentally created as a result of your phone being unlocked while in your pocket.
Dude, wtf is this facebook message you sent me: "Ggggggghhhfk"???

My bad bro, I must have pocketbooked you.
by MississippiDave February 24, 2010
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