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A myriad of intoxicating and potentially lethal "beverages", including bourbon whiskey, paint thinner, and turpentine. Made famous by Early Cuyler of Squidbillies.
Jim (opening a can of enamel thinner): Do you drink party liquor?

Jack (with a can of turpentine in hand): Hell yes!

Jim: Me too!!

(both then proceed to down their cans and get their lean on)
by MississippiDave November 16, 2009
A person who is hopelessly addicted to their iphone. Similar to a crackhead or tweaker, but without the narcotics.
I went out with Christina last night, and she was on her iphone the whole fucking time....she couldn't put it down for more than 90 seconds. Fucking ifiend!
by MississippiDave July 21, 2010
Similar to pocket dial, pocketbook refers to any Facebook message, status update, etc. that is accidentally created as a result of your phone being unlocked while in your pocket.
Dude, wtf is this facebook message you sent me: "Ggggggghhhfk"???

My bad bro, I must have pocketbooked you.
by MississippiDave February 24, 2010
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