An ace underneath.
He beat me with pocket rockets.
by Marc October 29, 2003
A small fast car
Nissan Pulsar GTIR
by Anonymous August 11, 2003
A phrase making reference to the BD-5 experimental homebuilt aircraft, an example of which was used by James Bond in the initial action sequence of the movie "Octopussy" which starred Sir Roger Moore in 1983.
Are you going to fly that pocket rocket?
by Juan Jimenez August 27, 2005
a pocket sized dildo ( 8==D )
(woman)fuck im so sexualy frustrated i think im going to use my pocket rocket
by darkknight562 July 23, 2008
1- a Japanese small turbo sedan.
2- in Texas hold'em, what you refer to as 'bullets' or aces.
1-wow!..look at that nikka ridin' in that pocket rocket Honda car, man..
2-John looked around and screened all faces to foretell who has them damn pocket rockets.
by hytham_hammer July 04, 2005
A small rocket made using paper matches, aluminum foil and a needle.

To create, take one paper match and hold the needle against the flat side of the match making sure that it is touching the sulpher portion of the match (the head).

Then wrap the head and a bit of the body of the match with a piece of aluminum foil (about half an inch) making sure to wrap it tightly.

Remove the needle from the wrapped match so that there is an exhaust system of sorts molded into the foil.

Light the rocket with another match by holding it underneath the foil until the rocket ignites. The "pocket rocket" will shoot forward, propelled by the gas escaping backwards through the exhaust hole. A bent paper clip makes a decent launch pad.

Also known as a paper-match rocket... instructions with diagrams can be found on the web
A home-made toy using paper matches.
by animeguru June 04, 2004
a small bottle of booze.
I've got a pocket rocket to booze back.
by Anonymous April 07, 2003

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