Henri Richard, a former former professional ice hockey player who played centre with the Montreal Canadiens from 1955 to 1975. Although 15 years his junior, he was the brother of hockey legend Maurice 'The Rocket' Richard and consequently because he was smaller (5'7" and 160 lbs.), he was given the nickname 'The Pocket Rocket'.
Commentator #1: Look at the pocket rocket go!
by 12ed-13lue July 04, 2005
A small fast car
Nissan Pulsar GTIR
by Anonymous August 11, 2003
An ace underneath.
He beat me with pocket rockets.
by Marc October 29, 2003
A phrase making reference to the BD-5 experimental homebuilt aircraft, an example of which was used by James Bond in the initial action sequence of the movie "Octopussy" which starred Sir Roger Moore in 1983.
Are you going to fly that pocket rocket?
by Juan Jimenez August 27, 2005
a pocket sized dildo ( 8==D )
(woman)fuck im so sexualy frustrated i think im going to use my pocket rocket
by darkknight562 July 23, 2008
1- a Japanese small turbo sedan.
2- in Texas hold'em, what you refer to as 'bullets' or aces.
1-wow!..look at that nikka ridin' in that pocket rocket Honda car, man..
2-John looked around and screened all faces to foretell who has them damn pocket rockets.
by hytham_hammer July 04, 2005
1: little fast-ass Asian motorcycle (see also rice rocket, crotch rocket)
2: a small finger-sized vibrator
1: big hairy idiots hate pocket rockets for owning their stupid, poorly-engineered harleys LOL
2: Sue from Talk Sex calls your mom's favorite toy a pocket rocket
by youblowafuse November 16, 2004

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