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a pocket buddy is a small friend who can fit in your pocket. the most well known pocket buddy is the original from the Bill Quay Boot Boys, he is small and when you are lonely, or need someone to drink with, you just take him from your pocket and you have him there.
"i wish pocket buddy was here" (man opens pocket on his left lapel and takes out a small friend) "there's my pocket buddy".

"who can we pick up and throw accross the academy dancefloor?"
ALL - "pocket buddy"
by James Hudson March 15, 2007

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A small sized human friend that fits in your pocket. Usually someone so adorable that you just want to shrink them down and keep them.
Brianna: Oh my gosh, Leo is so cute! I just want to have him as a pocket buddy!
by BrockBryan March 19, 2014