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short for 'holidays'
yeh, i'm goin on hols. i'll be back in two weeks.
by International Bad Boy August 05, 2004
short for holiday, which is like the british version of vacation
I'm going to florida on hols.
by holyroman April 18, 2005
The time of the year that you wait all school year for. It was coined by the British peoples, cuz they are just smart like that apparently. Oh yah, short for holidays.
--Man, I can't wait for summer hols.
--Well, I can't wait for winter hols.
--Dude, I can't wait til hols are fucking over. I'm stuck with my parents the whole time cuz you bitches don't ever do anything fun!
--You're a fag.
by BoB April 23, 2005
Howling Out Loud. Used as an acronym to express loud boisterous laughter when something is really really funny, unlike LOL that is now overused.
Person 1: LOL is so yesterday.
Person 2: HOL
by HOLcreator August 03, 2011
Howls of laughter. Used when you want to express another level up in funny from LOL.
He reached across the bar and knocked his drink over. LOL. But when he tried to catch it, his other hand slapped down on his plate and he flipped his French fries with ketchup into his face. HOL!
by kmanshore January 29, 2012
"Hate Out Loud" there is no need to explain what this means. It speaks for itself..
co-worker - "Man why you gonna hate on a brotha when he standin right there"
Me - "I dont care if he standin right there. imma be real and H.O.L "
co-worker - "what that mean bruh"
Me - "Hate Out Loud"
by Grandeswagggg September 30, 2011
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