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A scottish person who by definition is a wally.
Look at that scottish poah wally
by Your Maw December 06, 2006
Poor. to have A lack of moneys. A person who has no moneys.
"momma, we's poah" "we's a poah bunch o' lost souls"
by miz fitz and jennai September 17, 2008
Promise On A Handshake.

Not only a promise but a manly addition of the handshake to show you mean business,
Dude I'm throwing down a POAH. I didn't throw that nacho cheese all over your truck.

by Guy d00d chief brah January 27, 2009
a conentation used in regards to men being pissed, angry, and disgruntled.
from the term "pissed off as hell"
Dawg, your poahed.
Your boyfriend is fucking poah today.
Lemme hit that shit b/c im poah.
That bitch makes me poah.

PERSON 1 Shut the fuck up your cock sucking mother fuckers.
PERSON 2 Damn, you poah.
by kyle January 27, 2004
Used to describe the indescribable and that which needs to explanation.

Something that cannot be understood by those that do not know of it.
To have POAH is to know POAH. To question POAH is to have no comprehension of POAH and it's meanings.
by DaimoB December 06, 2006
created jan7th/04 by drew and kyle
i am so poahed at the people i work with
i was so poahed on saturday at my hockey game
by kyle January 27, 2004
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