Similar to LOL, the acronym (used in emails) stands for Pissing Myself Laughing.
In email correspondence when someone says something hilarious: OMG, I'm PML!
by LaVodka September 26, 2007
Top Definition
to piss ones self laughing (Pissing Myself Laughing), alternative to lol (Laugh Out Loud)
man A : and then she said, 'eww my legs wet'
man B : PML :D
man A : wot?
by OsiRis January 22, 2004
Verb: PML stands for Pucker My Lips, such as a black person does whenever they get angry.
Oh hell no! That waitress forget my Patron shot! Who she finna try?! I bet it ain't me! PML.
by Jay!(: October 29, 2011
praise my life- when a moment is reached of extreme happiness and your life is so amazing you want to praise it.
when the biggest smile on your face is still small.
when mood cannot be any better
i woke up, walked out of my room and saw 100 bucks on the table! pml!
by peterdjacic November 30, 2010
PML, otherwise known as Poop My Life, is exactly like FML (just less intense)
Use "PML" the same way you would use "FML", if you want to be more confined.

Aw man! PML!
by KILL BILL ROSE October 23, 2010
alternative for FML, except it is Pudge MY Life
can be used in multiple ways
"I failed my test, PML!"
pudge my life!
by madebyTJ May 24, 2011


opposite of FML.

Use it when good things happen!
1) I got a job! PML!
2) I found a quarter!PML!
3)I'm eating chocolate chip cookies! PML!
by rob mo June 21, 2009
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