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Stands for Pre-Menstrual Horniness. It is an unfortunate symptom of PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome).
Lori always rubbed up against strangers on the train right before her period because she would get terrible PMH.
by dirtysaint August 02, 2004
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Pre-menstrual horniness. A side effect of PMS.
"Jesus, this PMH, it's like I'm in heat!"
by losergirl July 28, 2004
Pretty Much Heaven.
CP: Well, this is hardly heaven.
ADT: Nah, this IS heaven.
CP: Pretty much...
by adtunique November 27, 2010
Abbreviation of 'Poor Man's Hash', the mixture of resin and marijuana fragments obtained by scraping the inside of marijuana pipes, which, depending on the quality of previously-smoked weed, looks and tastes similar to hashish.
We were out of weed, so we cleaned our glassies and got a nice little chunk of PMH.
by gemini 420 June 08, 2007
web acronym for "pissing myself here" (as opposed to LMAO}
guy 1: <says something funney>
guy 2: pmh!
by one eyed milkman April 21, 2004

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