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extra large bag for carrying extra large turdy wurdys.mainly for people who eat a lot of branston beans or straps round your neck and hangs down so has not to miss any splash backs.
i,ve just ate my beans and am off now to empty my plopperbag cos its full.
by larry lesbian April 04, 2009
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formed in the 80's as an associating word to spunkbags, they are bendy, safe to use in all circumstances, great to carry your shopping in, can also be associated with the fine art of soiling urself - better than most known brands of bog roll.
i carried my niglet home from tesco within my spunkbag, i tightened one end of the bag to shut the croaker up. shame she had to leave me the crumbs of her turd though.

PLOPPERBAGS - machine washable and mums love em.
by sir wanker bar June 27, 2009
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