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Ploop is the sound as well as the action.

Poop, and makes a sound when it hits the water, is ploop. it reflects the sound as well as what it is and what was done.
I stood high over the toilet and took a ploop.....
by Donny January 17, 2005
the flipping sound your brain makes when you're stoned.
You guys, my brained just plooped. *makes plooping/flipping motion with hands*
by tig_girl September 23, 2004
a cry of exclamation used mainly by that one and only crazy cat lady known as "Znj" upon greeting.

(Znj was last spotted at the crime scene of "Big Daddy Gnomey" running away with a large treasure chest filled with items from the Sanrio store in tow and wearing nothing but a sock monkey hat and a suspicious milk carton shaped body. if you've heard of her whereabouts, please notify Target immediately)
there is no need for one, only real dorl woulds not know this definition!!
by rumpshakker3000thatstheticket January 27, 2004
anything or anyone.. can be good.. can be bad... derived in 7th grade ms. deblois english class at correia jr. high school.. see also.. Boufa (hafta boufa).. as in i have to fart
Kassidi, you're one crazy ploop!
by Cel October 16, 2004
antonias word
shes in a rave and a heavy tune comes on and she starts shootin up....ploops ploops!
by nuno December 01, 2003

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