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The disctinctive purple vagina of a black female. Derived from the purple colour of a plum and the word poon.
I entered an ebony porn site looking for poon, but I only found ploon.
by Fernando Leon September 24, 2008
Someone who is usually fairly intelligent but does something moronic or out of character would be a ploon.
Ryan thought the time was 3am because the clock stopped working even though it was still sunny, what a ploon.
by Mancazza March 18, 2011
a mild affectionate insult, someone who is both a plonker and a loon at the same time.
Friend 1:" do you want half towards the price of the curry we had tonight?"
Friend 2 :"NO MATE! stop being daft you ploon"
by roquers July 01, 2011
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