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A substitute for the "f word".
"Last night I PLOKED a girl so hard, she cried!"Said Bobo.
"Well don't over-plok, you might get a PTD, or Plok-transmitted disease," said Carl.
by TristanG April 16, 2008
Ever-confused, ever-bewildered, ever-baffled, defied by logic - yet forever comforted by self-hallucination.
plok: I can't posess what I don't have? what the hell?!? I'm cool.
by Sees right through December 12, 2003
v. to cough up a hairball, especially if the creature plokking is a cat.

n. cat puke (from the "plok plok plok ackkk!!!" sound a cat makes while he's doing it.
She: "Ugh!! There's cat plok in my shoe! It's ruined!"

He: "Yeah, I heard the cat plokking a little while ago."
by Pellygirl February 04, 2010
A noun which exemplifies the sound of a hen, or a female chicken, laying an egg.
I heard a plok when the hen layed an egg.
by matt manalo January 04, 2006
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