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The cheap, nasty candy left in the bottom of your trick or treat bag that you just can't stand to eat, but won't throw out because it's candy. If you have a choice between this candy and drinking pancake syrup for a sugar hit, you'd pick the syrup.

Alternatively, the cheap, nasty candy left in the bottom of the communal work candy dish, left there for the same reason.
Worker One: "Ugh! There's nothing in the candy dish but ghetto candy! I'd rather eat sugar cubes!"

Worker Two: "Shut up! You ate all the good stuff; now it's your turn to buy some real candy!"

Worker One: (grabbing the sugar cubes) "Munch munch munch)
by pellygirl August 23, 2012
v. to cough up a hairball, especially if the creature plokking is a cat.

n. cat puke (from the "plok plok plok ackkk!!!" sound a cat makes while he's doing it.
She: "Ugh!! There's cat plok in my shoe! It's ruined!"

He: "Yeah, I heard the cat plokking a little while ago."
by Pellygirl February 04, 2010
a combination of attractive (comely) and scummy, like certain gorgeous celebrities who act like skanks. The attractiveness pulls you in so close that the skankiness reeks even more as a result. Ugh!
Friend 1: Did you see what (insert name of celebrity) did yesterday? How could someone that beautiful act so ugly?

Friend 2: Yeah, she's really scumly!
by Pellygirl November 07, 2009
1. A song by an artist who has died, or in which at least one person dies (or is already dead) in the song. If two people are dead, it's a double-header deader; if three, it's a triple-header deader, and so on.

Stuff by Elvis may or may not count, depending on whether or not you think he is dead.

2. A game played by bored night shift workers with a radio. The minute you hear a dead song, you scream out: "DEAD SONG!"
One point is given for each dead person--for example, if you hear "In The Ghetto", you get two dead points--one for the dead young man in the song, and one for Elvis (unless you believe he's still alive). The first bored co-worker who gets ten points wins the game.
Worker One: "Ooh, "Wildfire!" Triple header Dead Song! Gimme three points!"

Worker Two: "What do you mean--three points? There's only two people in the song!"

Worker One: "Aw, come on, man, the pony died too!"

Worker Two: "Oh, yeah, that's right, but it only counts in country songs."
by pellygirl February 18, 2010
1. Scum who loot homes and businesses before, during, and after major storms and disasters.

2. Scammers who cheat people on home repairs after such disasters.
Don't worry about being shot by the National Guard if you're caught looting. The neighborhood watch committee is much more likely to blow you away if you're caught on my street, storm snakes!!!

In Texas, you get a $50 bounty for drilling a storm snake.
by pellygirl October 29, 2012

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