A term used by Beasley and Bates, originating from Bill. The term 'please' can be placed at the end of any sentence, or in mid-flow of a sentence. This may be to cover up and foul mouthed word, or a secret word.
'Ahhhhh hallo there Beasley Please. How are we today there please. Have you done your please, please?'
by Matt Bates November 16, 2004
A word often used while in a pissed-off state, rather than the peaceful version. Words that come after please are usually, but not limited to:
1. Shut the fuck up
2. Get the hell out
3. Kill yourself
Jordan: bro!! Wanna go hang out with ashley!?

Bro: Please, shut the fuck up.
by Yummyyummyhippo May 14, 2014
A way of saying "repeat yourself", or "huh?" in Cincinnati, Ohio. Usually said in combination with a hand held to the ear in a "I can't hear you" fashion.
Man 1: Hey did you see the Bengals game today?
Man 2 (holding his hand to his ear): Please?
by dinkohio February 07, 2010
This is used in place of "what?", "huh?", or "what's that?" by many in the Greater Cincinnati Metro Area. It is said to come from the German influence here.
clerk: "Please?"
me: I said "Ma'am how much does this cost?"

The Kentucky Yankee, Urbandictionary.com author since August 2004.
by The Kentucky Yankee September 27, 2005
Often used in replace of ok or aint it
Janice: That hoe dont want it !
Jhania: Please!
by Jakia James March 17, 2011
A word often said in a deep voice, by the manager of the Lee Wood hotel in Buxton.
"Now come on, please"
by biggarethhouse March 31, 2004
i Think you will find the magic word is SHUT UP TOM AH WAT
oh dear, please, for THE LOVE OF GOD, die, and stop looking like something out of tom
by my name, is BUMMERO CARROT November 28, 2003

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