An upcoming gameing machine (as at time of writing -02/01/06)from the Sony corporation. While no doubt a powerful gaming machine the PS3 is incredibly overhyped. It has a similar level of power to the Xbox 360 and will share a lot of 3rd party game titles with it. One of the potential drawbacks for the PS3 is it's complicated system architechture, which could make it difficult to get power from. Due in 2006/2007 (depending on where you live in the world) the PS3 is expected to be highly popular, regardless of how it actually performs.
See Playstation 3 reports from E3 2005.
Also see reports on falsified Playstation 3 game demonstrations at E3 2005 (eg Killzone 2, DMC3).
by Elrando January 01, 2006
the best current gaming system alive...
great graphics, free internet, and kick ass games...
better than anything on the american market today...
i dont even own a PS3, and i can say it is the best...
a little pricey, but definetely worth it...
blue ray, dvd, backwards compatibility, free wifi, etc.
buy it...
dude 1: i finally got my PS3, it took me five-hundred hours of work, 12 pints of blood, a kidney, and all my possessions to buy it.

dude 2: dont you think thats a little much?

dude 1: no way man, check out these graphics!
(naked man sitting on the street playing playstation 3.)
by Jacklopebaird September 16, 2009
A gaming console that can play Blu-Ray, deliver High Definition graphics, detect motion, play online for free, play import games out of the box, be cheaply upgraded to 500 GB of memory, and cure cancer through folding@home.

Will inevitably be the dominant console of the seventh generation, due to a strong catalogue of current games, as well as amazing coming games.
Man, I just got my Playstation 3 - its so fucking sweet.
by Thewbacca August 02, 2008
The next generation in gaming. Better graphics and gameplay the the wii and 360. It, though expensive, will out do any other system pre 2012.It costs a lot but it is worth every penny. most people say ps3 sucks only in blindness in rage over their obsession with the hatred towards playstation as a company.
tom: my playstation 3 makes the wii and 360 look like crap.

chris (360 fan): NO!!!....its just better

fred (wii fan): yeah...we suck
by lordethal December 22, 2006
the kick ass system since n64, that people dog because they are to fuckin lazy to go to the stores and get a 600 piece of heaven, so they get a 360 which makes them 2000 bucks or they get a fukin wii cuz its cheap as shit, then they realize they should have gotten a ps3 because it has the best exclusives, and doesnt fuk up on all levels like 360, and doesnt support lil kid games like wii, so they die a very painful death, while true gamers get a ps3 and have the time of their fukin life
i got a 360 and halo 3 and the xbox blew up and fuked up my cd
told you to get the playstation 3
by ulto bane June 15, 2007
The PlayStation 3 is the third home video game console produced by Sony Computer Entertainment. The PlayStation 3 competes with Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Nintendo's Wii as part of the seventh generation of video game consoles. The PlayStation 3 was first released in North America on November 17th 2006, which was followed by in Japan on November 11th 2006.

The PlayStation 3 offers a variety of features as listed below..
- Free online internet access, where Xbox 360 users have to pay for online access every month or year
- Can watch movies on the PS3 through Netflix, same goes for Xbox 360
- Has a bulit in blu-ray player to watch HD(High Definition) movies
- Has a built in fan to keep the PS3 from overheating
- Much harder to hack and of course less hackers, where as Xbox 360 has many
- Video editor & uploader
- And much more..
Dude PlayStation 3 is awesome.. free online access, less hackers, built in blu-ray player.. what more could you ask for?
by Gurt19 December 24, 2010
Awesome video game system with slightly better graphics than the 360. DID steal ideas from the wii with the motion sensing and did steal from the 360 with the online marketplace and the PS button (BIG FUCKING DEAL). But, does/will have the best games (Killzone 2, Resistance (amazing), Gran turismo 5, ratchet and clank, GTA 4, MGS4,). Also, has a blu-ray player which itself would have costed 1000 dollars. It also has a 60GB hard drive, and FULL backwards compatability all the way to the original Playstation. Oh and all you Xbox fanboys Xbox Live isn't so great, It's not very difficult to get used to each individual games way of playing online. Also, the PS3 COMES with wi-fi capabilties unlike the 360, but u can buy it for the 360. The wireless controllers are rechargeable without having to buy a rechargeable battery and u can still play while it is charging because to charge it u just plug it in to the PS3. Also, the controllers are not batarang double-ender dildos that was actually a ploy to try and get microsoft to copy sony intelligently, they didn't.

Anyway anyone who owns a 360 and says the PS3 is just a more powerful PS2 should take a look at their 360 and then realise o wait...that's my system.

My order of system solo play.
PS3, 360, Wii...c'mon punching air or hitin a baseball alone is boring as fuck.

My order of group play.
Wii, PS3, 360
When u have a bunch of ppl the Wii pwns u can punch the fuck out of each other virtually own each other in a game of baseball blah, blah, blah. The PS3 up to 7 ppl at once and if u r playin a game like Madden or NHL u can use the motion sensors to own each other and laugh a bit. 360 same as previous gens.

Order of online play:
360/PS3, Wii
c'mon 360 LIVE isn't all that great i mean it is better than PS3 online play but $50 is kind of a waste of money when each individual game could make their own online setup and not charge u a thing or MAYBE 1 or 2 dollars, however i havn't seen that yet.

Order of graphics:
PS3, a close 360, and the far behind Wii
Just admit it 360 fans your graphics are slightly worse than the ps3's it's barely noticeable except for when u play a game that is only for PS3 cause than it shuns the graphics of all other games. And the Wii doesn't need good graphics it's innovative and fun for liitle kids, and sometimes older ppl to.

Order of value:
Wii, PS3, 360
Think about it Wii, cheap as fuck u could buy it an extra controller and a few games for the price of a PS3, A PS3 u get a 400-500 dollar videogame console, a 300-400 dollar computer, and a $1000 blu-ray player for $600, I mean the blu-ray player alone is worth more than the console costs.

Order of pwnage:
PS3, Wii, 360
Srry 360 nothing innovative nothing more useful than what the ps3 has plus the ps3 has a few extras and better graphics, and the Wii is pretty fun.

Now a bunch of 360 fanboys are gonna give me thumbs down o well I like the 360 it's good I'm just saying it's not as good as the PS3.
Billy: Hey Timmy, u gonna buy a playstation 3 or Wii?
Timmy: I already have a 360 doorknob.
Billy: O right I forgot u were to impatient to wait for the other systems before u decided. Anyway, Jimmy what about you.
Jimmy: The Wii looks like awesome sweet fun so i might get that and anyway i wouldn't bother wasting my money on a PS3, what about u Billy?
Billy: I'm gettin a PS3.
Jimmy: wtf why
Timmy: r u stupid what a waste of money
Billy: It won't be once awesome games like Gran Turismo 5 and Killzone 2 are out and it also has killer graphics and it can play Blu-ray Movies which btw Fox is planning on switching to forever so I won't have to spend $1,000 extra just so i can watch movies.
Jimmy:...Ya I guess.
Timmy: What r u talking about killer graphics my 360 owns ur PS3 and Blu-ray wtf bullshit it will never take over the DVD-HD
Billy: Whatever keep tellin urself that 360 noob.
Jimmy: Ya timmy billy is right.
Timmy: w/e fags I'm leaving.
Billy: Ok...
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