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A girl/woman who likes to manipulate,control, play head games with a guy or takes advantage of a guy or situation.
Don't go out with out her she good at playing chess.
by hollywood doc September 13, 2006
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Slang for ordering a bag of drugs from a dealer. Used to ensure secrecy when talking over the telephone.
"Hey man, I was hoping I could come over and play chess today."
by entropy todovia mundial August 13, 2005
7 6
drinking, usually heavily.
coined by underage kiddos to avoid detection by their mothers and other authority figures.
often used ironically or obviously - whether the kiddos are aware of this or not.
Hey, let's steal some beer from Chris's parents and play chess.
by Annie October 13, 2004
4 4
1) Drinking heavily
2) Ordering drugs from a dealer
3) Obscure pseudonym for anal sex
Person 1: Dude, where's your dad?
Sonofadrunk: Playing chess.
Person 1: What were you doing in that back alley?
Druggie: Playing chess.
Person 1: What were you and that other guy doing in the locker room?
Gay dude: Playing chess... heehee!
by AdurnaVampyre January 26, 2009
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