A man who carries himself in an ultra-cook, ultra-confident manner; A man who is very straightforward and upfront about his lack of desire to engage in an exclusive, "committed" relationship with women.
"She knew he was having sex with other women, but she still wanted to have sex with him herself because of his reputation for being a player...."
by Mode One January 07, 2005
Should not be confused with walking sti or manwhore, which are two completely different definitions. A player, or playa is used to usually describe a specimen of the male species with an increased knowledge and experience of interactions with the female species. The key difference between a player and the other two terms is that a player uses their charms and experiences to establish more positive relationships with his victims. This individual is revered by his fellow males and sometimes fought over by women. While he may have more female friends than the average man, the player is the most positive influence out of the three, as he seeks quality over quantity. Can actually have a steady girlfriend with many female friends (friends only, no "benefits" included).
G2: I know, isn't he hot.....he's such a player. I wish he weren't already taken.
by nmns December 04, 2007
Some ass-hole that thinks there gods gift who charms you to then messes up your head, stamps all over your hart then will make you cry a river without giving a shit!!!!
You have two girlfriends man your a player
by B.Berryz January 31, 2015
Somebody that's been consistently full of shit for so long that they themselves have mistaken it for charm.
I'm not very good at coming up with examples right off the top of my head, so I will never be a player.
by swerdnaD1&only October 27, 2013
a person that has multiple love interests
Lexie Suttle is a player
by Sager96 January 22, 2010
plural noun of player \ˈplā-ər\ derived from fourteenth century English meaning one that plays:
A) A person who plays a game or sport
B) One actively involved especially in a competitive field or process : participant <a key player in the game>
C) A person who is involved competitively in a field or process such as a game or sport.

D) A male with specific attributes that appear irresistible to females, such as money, looks, the magic, the moves, the lines and/or girth.
Example A

Female: Hey you guys are gorgeous and obviously rich, you've both got the magic and the moves

Male: All them and a little more baby...

Female: You mean you've got the girth too? You absolute players.

Male: Its nice to meet you, I'm Derry and this is my man Drip.

Example B

Onlooker #1: "Hey looks at those guys surrounded by all those fit birds, they're definitely players"

Onlooker #2: "Don't you know thats Drip and Derry??"
by Collins Concise Dictionary January 23, 2010
Someone, generally a man who takes joy in making more than one person happy. Doesn't always have malicious intentions, but can be viewed as one that does. A good player wont get caught unless he allows himself to be for his enjoyment, and is noticeable by his smoothly rehearsed lines, flowing easily off his practiced tongue. A bad playa will mistake names, be at the wrong place at the wrong time, and flaunt far too much about his adventurous actions with women. Any player is noticeable by making plans, and changing them at the last chance because something more interesting than that partner popped up. Be forewarned, he will never take you to a place where any other woman/man could even possibly be, and if that happens, will be prompt to "take" you back to his place swiftly. Easy to fall for, impossible to forget.
"Hey, i heard your a player?"
"Nah baby, people just don't like me."
by Legit75 August 02, 2009
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