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A word basically meaning that a guy is makeing up stuff so that he can get a girl in bed with him. Nobody likes the player, and he will most likely never find true love. Sorry, player, but this is true.
Daniel Moncayo is a Player. So is Zach Page.
by Happy Kid 101 December 12, 2010
plural noun of player \ˈplā-ər\ derived from fourteenth century English meaning one that plays:
A) A person who plays a game or sport
B) One actively involved especially in a competitive field or process : participant <a key player in the game>
C) A person who is involved competitively in a field or process such as a game or sport.

D) A male with specific attributes that appear irresistible to females, such as money, looks, the magic, the moves, the lines and/or girth.
Example A

Female: Hey you guys are gorgeous and obviously rich, you've both got the magic and the moves

Male: All them and a little more baby...

Female: You mean you've got the girth too? You absolute players.

Male: Its nice to meet you, I'm Derry and this is my man Drip.

Example B

Onlooker #1: "Hey looks at those guys surrounded by all those fit birds, they're definitely players"

Onlooker #2: "Don't you know thats Drip and Derry??"
by Collins Concise Dictionary January 23, 2010
one who is at a high risk for any of the following:
A. getting his/her ride busted (see also: dusted)

B. contracting HIV

C. catching the crabs...and not the good kind either. Real players don't have time to fish.
"ou ain't no playyyy-yuh."
-John Witherspoon, Friday
by lhillookalike March 10, 2005
cant like one girl at a time
Liam Nester is a player with all the girls in the grade
by Bob Tangy April 24, 2011
a person that has multiple love interests
Lexie Suttle is a player
by Sager96 January 22, 2010
A boy, usually a teenager or young adult, that fucks and/or dates every possible girl that he can. If a girl is a player, she is usually referred to as a whore.
Crystal loves how hot Jeremy looks in basketball shorts, but she would never date him because he's such a player.
by XxRevolutionaryxX August 23, 2010
a guy who will hook up with any girl on campus
players like sean parker get all the girls
by phx22222 August 19, 2009