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n. a scheduled appointment for children to get together and play.

Playdates are typically arranged between parents of babies, toddlers and children up to age four and are then kid-requested for children ages five to eleven (still coordinated via the parents).

A playdate is at least two children but can include three or more children.
All four of us are going to bring our Nintendo DS games... this is going to be the best playdate ever!
by Ziggy_Susan March 30, 2009
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plans made with friends or someone of the other sex to hang out. You can not ditch on play dates! ever its against the whole way of play dates.
We had a play date today.

Wanna have a play date tomorrow
by andre nickatina April 06, 2006
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(1) two 7 year olds playing in a sandbox
(2) two teenagers playing in the girls bathroom
Jay and Maricel are going to have a playdate in the girls bathroom.
by maricel April 25, 2005
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When two teenagers get rolled and their parents set up supervised sessions upon where they can partake in eachother's company
OH ya they caught last week. At least they can have a playdate though.
by Mr.Fargo December 07, 2010
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A play date or playdate is an arranged appointment ostensibly for children to get together for a few hours to play.

However, the underlying reason is keep the kids busy so that parents can score some action with each other.
While I was at the playground with my son, I scheduled a play date with that hot milf.

So while the kids were downstairs watching Sponge Bob, I was upstairs helping Mommy get some needed stress release!
by ud-spieler September 13, 2010
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The modern day equivalent of an arranged marriage. Two separate parents who accept each others children as compatible persons arrange a meeting, preferably in an electronic organizer, and then force the two unknowing, possibly unwilling children to various activities including, but not limited to, playing in a needle infested sandbox, general playground play, and swimming. Provided that no one is ever injured, this can lead into adolescence where preparations for marriage can ensue. Pairing of gay or suspected gay children are permitted as this is socially accepted among those who playdate.
Nancy and Christal arranged a playdate for their two year olds with their new Palm Pilots.
by ritechus September 11, 2005
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Two men get hard, then tape their heads together tip to tip. Then a third partner and starts to jack off both dicks in one long stroke, until they cum. The cum represents kids and when the cum mixes it is a playdate.
Robert - "Dude that party was crazy last night"

Johnny - "You don't even know, i think me, Steve, and Christina and a playdate."
by Jimmyk6669 October 14, 2013
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