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another word for use instead of the word "play",
usually appears before the word "loel"
i like to plang blockland loel
plang loel
by snot May 10, 2006
When something's really sharp,on point and straight pimp'n. Widely used in the C.T.W.P, a suburban city north of detroit. A combination of playalistic and gansta
"Man my new shirt I made is fuck'n plang."
by Christopher Cook December 15, 2005
to shake your butt while pooping as to make your feces “dance”.
hi i want to plang
by boogaooga July 31, 2011
the person you would leave the bar with after every fat and or ugly girl has turned you down. Often this will be someone you made fun of upon arrival but in your final moments of drunken desperation, you proposition for sex. Generally this person must be approached in the parking lot to save face.
Tom: "Dammit, I can't believe that fatty with the lazy eye suddenly remembered she had a boyfriend!"
Steve: "Bummer, guess you can just go home and beat cry again"
Tom:"Hell no, I've still got Plan G"
Steve:"I'm pretty sure that's not even a female!"
by BestWorstPractices April 23, 2011
a fail at planking
Dude Your such a fail, ur planging!
by huuusssttooonnnn December 18, 2011
plang is a melancholy term that is always written in lowercase and usually involves elipses. Its origin stems from a commenter on who tends to hold a negative view of the world, but rarely expresses it in an enthusiastic manner. It can be used as a noun, interjection, verb, adjective, or adverb, depending on the context and added letters. (Also acceptable: plangy, planged, planging, planger)
"There's a nuclear bomb headed directly toward my house. plang."

"Don't invite Sam to the party. He's such a planger."

"the average joe should not be able to get a loan..
By plang
on 5/14/10 7:27 AM"

"without fannie there would be no real estate market.with the US 16 months into a growing depression fannie is the sole lender...
By plang
on 5/10/10 5:51 PM"
by llacaps June 10, 2010

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