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To forcefully create a new orifice for the purpose of sexual intercourse.
Go plamp yourself.
by UMM. December 13, 2003
A Bulgarian expatriate living in Barcelona, Spain who hates Rumanicites (Romanians), can't stand dancing, and has a serious beef with Telefonica.
Plamp alert! Plamp's online!
by Skizot January 30, 2005
To have sex with a female (esp. one with whom the male is not in a relationship).
Dude, plamp that bitch.

Dude, I plamped my homecoming date all night long at the afterparty.

Dude, I was totally plampin this chick when my great uncle walked in.

(NOTE: the present participle form is spelled "plampin," rather than the traditional "plamping.")
by Oliver Fraumwell October 05, 2009
This word did the rounds at many secondary schools in England during the early 2000's.
It is a derogatory word used to describe an idiot. It is a mixture of 2 words: pleb - commoner/moron and lamp - to hit. It means that someone is an idiot/commoner that you want to hit
You're such a plamp
by Crafty Butcher May 19, 2009
Bird crap, especially from a large parrot.
I call his shit "bird plamp" because that's the sound it makes when it hits the floor.
by tymmchn May 17, 2010

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