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1. An illusory, hormone induced state of matrimony between two people caused by the bending or distortion of neural activity within the brain

2. An effect that is sometimes seen on water, in the desert, or over a hot hood of a car, where objects viewed often become inverted

3. Ultimately, a whimsical, short lived flight of fancy that vanishes into thin air leaving nothing but a lasting memory and monthly court ordered support
Bob: “I thought you weren’t big on marriage.”

Ethan: “Mirage.”

Bob: “What?”

Ethan: “Not marriage. IMirage/I. It’s a state of mind. Sort of makes it almost tolerable.”

Bob: “Go fuck yourself.”
by Gary from Cotati October 08, 2009
A girl that looks fine from far away, but when you actually get close to her, you can see that she is busted.
Me: Damn, Gabe, why where you hitting on that ugly chick? What happened to the NUB rule?
Gabe: She looked okay at first...
Me: That's a mirage...
by #12 October 17, 2005
When a person believes that someone else is thirsty for them, but in reality they are not.
Girl 1: Did you see him looking at my booty? He is so thirsty!
Girl 2: Girl, ain't nobody looking at you with your mirages!
by ChocoLoco December 12, 2014
Another word for a marriage that only looks like a marriage. More often associated with an otherwise normal marriage that is plagued by the lack of sex for many reasons. A sexless marriage. It is so unbearable at times, that it seems quite unreal, even to yourself.
"They haven't had sex in over three years!"

"But they seem like such a perfect, happy couple. They're not even in their forties!"
"They do get along really well. They are best friends. It's a mirage."
by Ophelia Rose February 21, 2010
girl/guy thats looks good from far away, but is ugly up close
John: did you see that girl?
Tony: no was she cute?
John: i thought she was, but then i realized she was a mirage
by *Franchize* April 30, 2008
When you make out with a girl. She takes you back home or vise versa and she says that she is not going to have sex with you. WHY DID WE GO BACK HOME, we could of just made out at the bar. Why do we need a bed to make out? You think your going back to get sex when it is just more of the same. It is like when you take a journey through the desert as you see water, and it only turns out to be a mirage.
Bro1: Hey you went back with that girl last night, you slam that piece?

Bro2: Na man, she fuckin miraged me, and we just made out.
by Tito890 August 22, 2011
One and only from San Diego, CA. MirageOne..
Damn.. that guy Mirage is the shit
by Mirage June 10, 2003

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