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A pile jumper.A term often used in MMORPG player versus player combat. To "pile jump" is to attack a player right after that player kills the guy he wwas fighting before, pjing is done in hope that you might suprise the pker unwares and k0 him while he is at low health recovering from his kill and grabbing loot. The supreme goal of it is to get both the players stoof in one kill. Considered unhonourable by pkers, but is just pking strategy, nothing bad about it.
pker : *hits a 20-23 spec witha dds, k0s noob, picks up whip*

pjer: * runs and flood specs pker instantly after the kill for the k0*

looter: z0mfg! k0!
by pur3pk3rpwn October 10, 2007
One who PJs (PK jacks).
I was running away then this PJer pwned me.
by cocomonkilla May 27, 2007