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A common misspelling of the word purpose.
-What is the purpouse of this mindless experimentation, Bob?

-Learn to spell, then talk to me, dickmunch.

-But we are speaking out loud, how do you know if I misspelt something?

-I can see it in your eyes...IN YOUR EYES...
by cocomonkilla March 08, 2009
An internet "girlfriend", used by kids in games who cant get any irl.
Tom - JENNA IS MY IGF!!!!!!
Mark - Yeah, well Linda is my gf irl. And im sure shes a chick, Jenna can be a 40 year old basement dweller
by cocomonkilla December 01, 2007
a word short for SPAS 12
get pwned by the SP12 :o
by cocomonkilla October 13, 2007
word short for script kiddy
Troutt is a scripty.
by cocomonkilla September 20, 2007
One who PJs (PK jacks).
I was running away then this PJer pwned me.
by cocomonkilla May 27, 2007
Cuban slang for a cheap car.
Get a Ferrari?! I can barely afford this transportation!
by cocomonkilla March 10, 2009
A PK jack. When someone is getting PKed and they run away with low health then someone kills him, that is a PJ.
I was getting pwned so I ran away then some noob PJed me.
by cocomonkilla May 27, 2007

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