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Russian for vagina, cunt, pussy. Can also mean ass in expressions like dat' pizdy and poluchit' pizdy "to kick (someone's) ass".
Written ïèçäà in Cyrillic (view page in Windows Cyriilic encoding).
by LudwigVan December 21, 2003
In Romanian it means, literally, "cunt". The previous explanation referring to the other possible meaning in Romanian (to fuck, that is) is erroneaous.
Pizda ma-tii = your mother's cunt !
S-o fut pe ma-ta-n pizda = Fuck your mother's cunt !
by Bogdan Voicu July 27, 2005
Most commonly used curse word in the Mongolian language. Imported from Russia, you'll hear this word everywhere in Mongolia. It's basically the Mongolian equivalent of Fuck, Shit, Motherfucker, Bastard, Idiot. There are other variations e.g. "Pisda", "Pyaz".
Pizda! - Fuck!
Pizda min alna shuu! - I'll kill you motherfucker!
Pizda gej, ter Pizda namaig hulihdsan. - Fuck, that fucker cheated me.
Muu teneg pizda - You stupid idiot.
Chi yasan hogiin pizda ve - You're a fucking bastard.
by Tuvshinzaya February 28, 2007
Also Polish for the word vagina, as i found out when i told my polish boyfriend i wanted a "piece of pizda" thinking i was saying pizza in a cute way...
Hey Frank, I want a piece of pizda!
by roughNready April 09, 2006
Romanian word for vagina
Often used in

"pizda matii!"

which means "your mothers vagina" and actually is the short form for

"dute-n pizda matii!"

which means "go into your mothers vagina" or simply "go back where you came from"
by balabala July 30, 2005
Pussy or cunt in romanian. It defines the hole female reproduction organe (vulva, vagina, labia, clitoris)
Also it means the female genre, a prostitute or a cowred man.
There are 2 types of "pizde" (pl): harry and shaved.
Sa te fut in pizda
Fuck you in your pussy

Manca-mi-ai pizda
Eat my pussy

Linge-ma in pizda
Lick my pussy

Sugi pula fa pizdo
Suck my dick you pussy.

Pizda paroasa.
Harry pussy
by BinLaden May 17, 2006
In Russian, Belorussian, Ukrainian and other Slavonic languadges it means 'cunt'.
It sounds like /pi:z'da:/ (peezdah)
Poshel ty v pizdu! (Russian) = Fuck you!
Ya imel yeyo v pizdu. (Russian) = I fucked her.
Klassnaya u neyo pizda. (Russian) = She's got a good vagina.
by Pacavelli October 19, 2007
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