A male center of attention for two or more women.
"Two uncommonly attractive women were in the mood for fun, and Clyde was invited along to serve as pivot man."
by Blizzardguy May 17, 2012
A person who is the center of attention in a Circle Jerk. Usually on his or his knees pivoting around to service the circle jerkers.
That loser OPENBUMHOLE always likes being pivot man and getting cum soaked in the circle jerks.
by 1AnalWart July 16, 2008
A person who is in the center of a Circle Jerk
A_G likes to get down and dirty as the pivot man without missing a drop.
by A_GPwned June 27, 2016
Part of a jerk circle, the pivot man is responsible for walking around the outside of the jerk circle and massaging the participants balls.
"Hey you dirty rednecks, Why don't you go back to your hotel and have try a jerk circle"

"uhhh... We can't! We ain't got no pivot man"
by Coolios November 21, 2006
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