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1. Literally what it sounds like, but a more sarcastic version of itself. As a substitute for "cool", coolios can be used as a joke between friends or as a sarcastic response to something you don't really care all that much about.

2. An adjective, describing how cool and, in some cases, attractive someone else is. A gender-neutral word in this sense.
Example One:
John: Hey, I got the new game for my X-Box!
James: Coolios.

Example Two:
Abigail: Guess who I saw walking down the road today? It was Richard!
Amanda: Really?! He is SO coolios!
by coolios May 03, 2014
Part of a jerk circle, the pivot man is responsible for walking around the outside of the jerk circle and massaging the participants balls.
"Hey you dirty rednecks, Why don't you go back to your hotel and have try a jerk circle"

"uhhh... We can't! We ain't got no pivot man"
by Coolios November 21, 2006

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