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A car model by Chrysler shaped like an old-style 50s roadster, but without any character. Not entirely an SUV (it's lower to the ground, has better gas mileage and doesn't look like a shoe box on wheels), not anything like a sports car (too flabby and uninspiring), it has a shape and style instantly recognizable and gag-inducing. Enthusiasts have also taken to adding effects such as chrome, decals, spoilers, and more chrome to give each car a distinctive flavor/identity, like how a turd is different depending on what you have recently eaten. The only argument against the car is its 4-cylinder engine which doesn't catch on fire often enough. Otherwise, it's a great car.
That Pity Cruiser over there has a chrome grille, a scoop hood, rear wing spoiler, and flag decals all over the doors. And dice, it's gotta have fuzzy dice hanging from the rear view mirror!
by Murderface November 21, 2013