a horrible city in south western pa.the people think they are all cool, but they are dumb...... they use random words that don't make any sense and think they are the most getto place in the world. they are also pussies they also think ignorant means rude, ignorant means dumb / unknowing
pittsburgh slang: yins (you all) gumband (rubber band) ride (drive: will you ride me up the hill?) red (clean) sweeper (vacume cleaner)
by nightshad3 December 27, 2010
one of the worst places in the world. the people are just plain old rude and who ever said that pittsburgh has the friendliest people they are DEAD wrong, its cloudy, the people drive to slow on the roads, the roads are messed up everywhere becuzz there either doing construction on it or there is a million and one potholes. the people are not down to earth well maybe some, the streets are littered with trash and garbage. the nightlife sucks here, there are no young people besides college students, the girls are fat and ugly and the guys are total jerks. and the people also think there all hard and there racist. there is nothing exciting about visting or living here i was born here and i absolutly hate it it seems like it ruined my childhood. this is what i experience everyday with these dumb pittsburgers.
by chillax66692 May 27, 2010
The 4th most polluted city in the U.S. If you're planning on visiting it will take 2 or 3 days to get used to the smell. It's dirty, depressing, grimy, filthy, and disgusting. The people are hicks and except for those who live here while attending college (and then leave quickly after), most people seem uneducated.

The Pittsburgh dialect is enough to make you want to slap the person speaking for abusing grammar in such a way. It's pretty bad.

99% of natives wear Pittsburgh Steelers shirts or hats EVERY DAY even when it's not football season. Individuality isn't a strong point. Natives are also very proud and defensive of Pittsburgh, but that's probably because they've never been anywhere else, so they can't really compare it.

Whomever designed the street layout was on drugs. I think someone else described it accurately on here. There's also a huge shortage of street signs, so if you're new to this shithole, plan on getting lost alot. People hate Sienna Miller for calling it Shitsburgh, but deep down they know she's right, and if they don't know, I'll tell you. She's right. She is very, very right.

Pittsburgh hobbies include the Steelers. If the Steelers ever left Pittsburgh, everyone would kill themselves, but not before downing a few six-packs of beer.

There's a reason people outside of Pittsburgh don't put french fries on their salads. Because it's gross. Don't plan on that food trend catching on elsewhere.

People are rude and racist. Since I moved here a year ago, I've heard the "N" word thrown around quite casually (but ONLY around other White people). That's just sad.

The TV series "Queer as Folk" is supposed to take place in Pittsburgh, but because the city is so ugly, they filmed it in Canada. That's why it looks kinda nice on the series, but don't let that fool you into coming here. You'll regret it.
No, you didn't die and go to Hell, you took a wrong turn and ended up in Pittsburgh. Common mistake with all the soot and smoke and Steelers fans.
by Moving Out Next Month July 20, 2007
Worst city in the world, mostly because everyone is automatically stereotyped as a hick if you live here. Also, not everyone talks 200 mph, and uses pittsburghese. Not everyone's poor, there's actually a lot of mansions. But it still pretty much translates into hell hole =)
"Everyone from Pittsburgh's a redneck"
"do I look like a redneck?"
"exactly dipshit"
by dfslksjdf April 05, 2009
A dirty steel town, full of unemployed steel workers, in which everyone has mullets, drinks Rolling Rock beer, listens to 102.5 DVE, drives a Chevy truck, and worships the Pittsburgh Steelers as a religion, with Art Rooney in place of God and "Mean Joe" Greene in place of Jesus Christ. Pittsburgh even has its own language, Pittsburghese, and is in the process of forming its own country.
Yeah, I saw someone from Pittsburgh recently, mullet and everything.
by Mullet McFuckington July 10, 2008
A crappy old city located between some dirty rivers (which often have cars or bodies in them). Pissburgh basically is full of rednecks (ever hear the saying "Pennsylvania: Philadelphia on one side, Alabama on the other"). Pissburgh is full of racists too. Everyone in the city claims to have such huge pride in their city but they don't. That is why Iron City went out of business (because everyone is cheap and just drinks Miller Lite, which is a hypocricy in itself because everyone is racist and Miller Lite donates to the Negro College Fund). That is also why the Penguins might leave town (Pissburghers don't like hockey too much becaues it is too complicated of a sport to get drunk and watch, and also cause the Penguins never play defense). Pissburgh claims to be a big drinking town but in reality no one here can handle their liquor, which is why Pissburgh is one of the leading DUI cities in the country. Pissburgh has no good job opportunities. Pissburgh claims to have their own language (yinz, n'at) but in reality NOBODY TALKS LIKE THAT except when they do it on purpose. Pissburghers want to have their own identity SO MUCH but whether they like it or not Pissburgh is a below average run of the mill city. For example, people think when you get a sandwich with french fries on it that is called ordering it "Pittsburgh style" but in reality NOBODY who doesn't live in Pittsburgh has ever heard of that. Pissburgh was rated one of the worst cities for singles, and it certainly is. All the girls are ugly and all the guys are uneducated rednecks. Pissburgh's number one radio station is KISS FM, which is basically a bunch of retards singing over the music while it plays. During winter Pissburgh's roads are the worst, because there are about 2 salt trucks that drive around when they feel like it. Pissburgh is full of hypocrits. They blast Barry Bonds for using steroids every chance they get, but when the true subject that the Steelers used steroids in the 70s comes up, they turn their heads. Basically, Pissburgh is a second rate city full of idiots who wish they had their own culture and language but they simply do not.
I live in Pittsburgh....boy does my life suck n'at
by Bill Coward March 28, 2006
A stupid, ugly, smelly, run-down, depressing city in western PA. The only people who think pittsburgh is cool are people who have never traveled out of the greater alleganey county area, or are from a place much more boring (like delaware)
I meet some dip wads who think pittsburgh is the greatest place on earth. I asked where they were from and they said delaware.
by ifky302 December 13, 2007

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