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A weather condition consisting of drizzle, light rain or snow, amounting to minimal measurable precipitation accumulation in a 24 hour time period <.1".

Used primarily by those visiting Pittsburgh during traditional collegiate school sessions - September - May, as this is the predominant weather pattern for those months.
Joe: Hey Tim how's the weather today.
Tim: It's Pittsburghing.
Joe: I wish it would either rain or not, the constant Pittsburghing is dreary.
by FPB February 04, 2013
A person whose sole function in an organization is to point out flaws in recommended plans and approaches. This person never provides reasonable insights of their own volition rather just point out flaws of other ideas.
In the meeting yesterday we had several good ideas but Fred continued in his role as professional naysayer pointing out flaws while never offering any useful advice or ideas of his own.
by FPB September 28, 2010
The use of additional words or syllables in a sentence. Primarily of use by those attempting to sound more intelligent, and in fact yielding the oposite.
Many auditors will display oversyllabification when they describe preventative controls not realizing that preventive controls are fine.
by FPB June 18, 2008
A politically correct way of telling someone : "Fuck You". From the encoded message Arnold Schwarzenegger sent to the California senate.
Man - Joe is really pissing me off!

Send him a veto note!
by FPB October 29, 2009
The act of creating complexity where none is in fact required.
The SOX processes were needlessly complex, they had so many turns and twists, they would have made Rube Goldberg smile.
by FPB June 18, 2008

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