The accumulation of urine and toilet paper chards left over and trapped in a the pubic hair of females. Especially notable when performing oral sex on a female.
I went down on this chic from the club last night and she had some serious pissclams!

Can I get a side of pissclams with that?
by gooty2 January 22, 2010
Top Definition
A funny name for longneck clams, which live under the sand and squirt up water when you step near them.
I want to join up with Jim and walk up and down the beach, and step on piss clams.
by j-lingo August 30, 2010
a slang term for a sea urchin, as quoted by "Sol Rosenberg" (Jerky Boys).
i was calling because i don't want to be tied up to motor boats anymore and dragged like a fool.. i wanna join with Jim, and walk up and down the beach, and step on piss clams.
by deven the white dude September 12, 2010
A womens snatch viewed horizontally while urinating; as it resembles that of a Gooey Duct Clam.
"Jessica shut the bathroom door, I don't need to see your piss clam!"
by Urban Fireman September 12, 2008
a clam that grows on your unmentionables after someone urinates upon them
hey you, sal rosenburg, you got get some pissclams now ya hear!
by ThisSiteIsRetarded July 30, 2003
A broken clam shell found on the beach or in shallow water. The edges are sharp enough to severely cut one’s foot causing him such pain he pisses himself.
Joe: Hey Kyle, why is Glen jumping up and down holding his foot.

Kyle: Ya and it looks like he pissed in his new wet suit.

Joe: Oh F@@@!!, he must have stepped on a piss clam.
by Blk Ngt December 17, 2010
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