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4 definitions by j-lingo

A funny name for longneck clams, which live under the sand and squirt up water when you step near them.
I want to join up with Jim and walk up and down the beach, and step on piss clams.
by j-lingo August 30, 2010
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Deflecting mean-spirited or judgmental opinions by providing a disingenuous or superficial compliment.

Similar to a complimentary facial, except used as a means of escape from an awkward situation rather than to insult.
J: That new girl is such a geek.
M: Oh shit, she's coming over here.
J: Hey Gina...uhhh I like ur braces!
M: You tinged that quite nicely.
by j-lingo August 06, 2009
13 1
Laughing so hard that you lose all restraint and laugh like a muppet, tossing your head up and down and either rubbing your belly or flailing your arms.
Nick's fart was so loud I couldn't help but do a muppet laugh.
by j-lingo October 28, 2009
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On match.com, when a person responds to a wink with another wink, thus forcing the original person to send the first e-mail. Usually done by girls, so as not to appear desperate.
When John got a winkback from the cute tall girl who liked art shows, he was happy for the mutual interest, but felt like a complete idiot for not just e-mailing her in the first place.
by j-lingo November 19, 2009
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