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Yiddish word for "mouth", as in an animal's mouth or maw; "trap".
Famakht dayn pisk! Schvayg! (Translation: Shut your trap! Be quiet!)
by pentozali April 09, 2008
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The ability to be fat.
He used up his pisk too fast.

The pisk was not used nobly.
by Jack Yo-Yo September 24, 2006
Yiddish word meaning motor mouth
That person is a such a pisk
by B Scott October 12, 2007
You pisk is made when you finish a bottle of brisk lemon iced tea and there is still that little bit in the bottom, and you must piss in it for what ever reason.
Dude, my brother was in the shower for sooooo long last night, i made some Pisk with the bottle i found in my trash can.
by Dune Crawler November 30, 2010
another word for a man's penis.

originally taken from Russian, this word has recently been popularised by Vadim.
"lick my pisk"

"suck my pisk"
by theicecreamman October 31, 2006
The splatter of overspray resulting from a man who has to go so bad it sounds like a
" horse, pissing on a flat rock".

Urine overspray.
All that beer, man when I finally went I got pisk all over the car door!
by Sean Hannon June 29, 2005

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