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shitting in a girls eye
i wanted to take a shit but i had to keep fucking her so i gave her the pirate's eye last night.
by nikemane December 26, 2008
Is the triangular hole that a nice phat ass and some thick ass legs create in connection with the vagina when a girl is walking or standing still. If you are looking, you'll know.
if you see the pirates eye , she's a bad braud...
by j dylla March 12, 2010
The eye that is damaged or lost from repeated prodding/poking, or Socket Rocketing.
Jake: Hey Zach, what happened to your eye?
Zach: My continued bad ideas led Paul to socket rocketing me repeatedly until my eye fell out. All I have now is this stupid eye patch.
Jake: Dude, that is one nasty Pirate's Eye
by littlenis May 01, 2009