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When receiving head, suddenly without warning, the "blowee" pushes down on the "blowers" head, forcing them to the base of the penis and thus causing them to gargle and "argh" like a pirate. If they wish the "blowee" may yell pirate slang at this point, i.e. "arg! take me seed wench! arg!"
After I used the pirate head maneuver on a boring blow job session last week my girlfriend now no longer enjoys Pirates of the Carribean as much. oh well, the pirate head was worth it. ARG!
by MrE_9P March 15, 2011
the act of temporarily blinding a girl in the ocular facial region with ejaculatory fluids, after which she performs fellatio with one or both eyes closed due to said blinding, emulating a facial expression similar to that of a pirate.
Carl and Steve were reluctant to hearing about Jimmy's one night stand with the fat chick from Popeye's, but as soon as they heard she gave pirate head they were all ears.
by Chachtastic February 13, 2009
Player on EgoShooters, known for attacks when least expected. Dangerous player on first person shooter games such as planetside, counter-strike. Definatly watch out for this player, top of the leaderboard 9/10. One of Sweedens best gamer.
pirateheads Planetsides hidden 1 man army in Tr Empire
by Enigma12 September 22, 2005
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