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blow ee - (noun) - in the art of felatio the person(s) performing the act is the blower, the person(s) receiving said felate is the blowee.
friend #1: Getting head from another guy doesn't make you gay if you are the blowee!

friend #2: Yeah, it does.

by tehflip March 19, 2008
A cardboard paper towel roll stuffed with fresh smelling dryer sheets. Used to blow weed smoke so you can hit your bong indoors without your house reeking of pot.
Pothead: Dude, my mom watched Reefer Madness when she was young. She thinks I'll turn into a killer if I smoke pot!
Doctor Chronic: She never has to know. We'll put some towels under the door and use a blowee. The pot smell won't even travel.
Pothead: Good idea.
Doctor Chronic: You need to set your mom straight, pussy.
by QueenofKush November 15, 2009
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