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cumming into a girls eye then kicking her shin. Therefore she will be hoping around on one leg and one eye closed screaming argh!
I gave Jessica a pirate eye last night!
by sam k. March 14, 2005
Ejaculating on someone's eye while they sleep. When they wake up, idealy, the ejaculation will have dried up, making it impossible to open or see out of this eye. Just like an eyepatch.
Jill could not stop herself from saying "Arr, shiver me timbers" after her boyfriend gave her the ol' Pirate Eye the night before.
by Doomie June 07, 2004
synonym for filthy pirate.
I came in my girlfriend's eye last night. I gave her the old "Pirate Eye."
by matt_gl November 11, 2003
The act of a man lobbing his jizz into a person's eye.
Sammy got the pirate eye from some Donkey of a Coop last night!
by Rob Allan September 12, 2003
At the climax of oral stimulation, a man ejacualtes into his partner's eye, rendering the partner blind in oneeye. Comes from the traditional look of a pirate wearing an eye-patch.
Stacy didn't talk to Andrew for three weeks after the 'pirate eye' episode.
by Joe Nova May 18, 2006
To ejaculate into ONE of a persons eyes, causing them to scream "Arrgh" just like a pirate.
After I gave that ho the pirates eye she started crying. Cum and tears are a great mix.
by Big J November 14, 2004
When a girl gets a hard nipple and you can see it throw the shirt. Bu the other nipple is nowhere to be found.
ahahah you see that pirate eye on that chick. Baamm Ill get the other one out :)
by Slidic May 29, 2005
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