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To defecate in a bathroom toilet while an individual is in the shower.
My woman was showering, but I couldn't hold it anymore, so I had to drop the two minute steam stink.
by Matryx February 13, 2003
Defecating with no regard for anyone else's well-being.
My boy fox tailed behind my house.
by Matryx February 11, 2003
To bust a nut into a girl's eye and let out a "Shibber-me-timbers".
I gave that girl a wicked pirate eye.
by Matryx February 11, 2003
To shit in a partner's mouth and have them ingest the feces.
"Lay down. I'm gonna stand over you and dripsnatch. Eat it."
by Matryx February 10, 2003
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