A noble,chaste and a respected male.
He is Pir just because he is on the path of righteousness and piousness.
by Pir Rashdi December 16, 2008
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Parents In Room
Used while kids are in online chat
rooms/IM services and parents is in the room.

<TastyBuddy>: 'sup LilBitch? like that shit last night?
<LilAngle>: Why kind sir, do I know you? PIR
by jeff June 19, 2003
Short for the show the "Price is Right". Coined by comedian Dane Cook.
I felt sick today, so I stayed at home watching PIR.

by lethal_hands November 25, 2006
Prom Inflated Relationship
When a relationship that should end goes on because both sides are committed to prom and cannot break up until about 2 weeks after prom.
Mike: Dan and Julia finally broke up. They should have ended it before he asked her to prom. Bob: Yeah, it was a PIR.
by Megapattar June 01, 2011

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