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Happy, in a good mood. Combination of "Perky" and "Chipper"
I'm feeling pipper now that you're here
by Ken May 21, 2003
a target sight, esp. on fighter aircraft.
Bonzo rolled, pulled, and dragged the pipper across the fuel dump.
by Bluesky November 21, 2005
Brevvers for "goodbye" or "see you". Thought to originate from pip.
Art: Speak soon Don.
Don: OK, pippers.
Art: Pippers then.
Don: Bye
by Donaldofyourd.a.d. December 15, 2007
to pipper, is to jump on a bed occupied by a male and female, male and male, or male and female. and disrupt their sexy time.
God damn Fred... Why the fuck did you pipper my ass last night.

Shit Becky... Tim's friend Rob Pippered us last night.
by Wilson555deal December 06, 2009
Someone who is a very successful drug dealer.Who is also popular.The go to guy for the best illegal drug or drugs on the market.
Sunny sold his car to go buy some cocine from the up state pipper.
by Ms Butcher September 09, 2005

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