a classic skatepark, first opened in 1977 and closed in 1988 located in upland, ca that consisted a fullpipe, a monster bowl, a combibowl and a slalom course. it was the narliest of all skateparks.
ur dads that skated back in the day can tell u all about pipeline skatepark
by jackson j May 28, 2006
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the act of a man taking a shit on the toilet while fucking a girl in the ass. thereby giving the illusion that the woman is shitting through the mans dick and out his ass.
i'd sure like to pipeline that girl when i take a shit later
by shfty August 01, 2007
The best surf in the whole world.
Lets go surf at the pipeline.
by Kailua boy January 31, 2004
A steady source of sex partners. Usually diverse in geography, it's made up of people willing to have sex with no emotional ties. Works best when they don't know each other.
Is that one of his fuck buddies? Oh yea, he has so many women in the Pipeline most of time his phone rings its a booty call.

Wow! I'm having a hard time managing the Pipeline. Can I send some your way?

Did he fuck her? No, she wasn't ready. So he put her in the Pipeline. (ie. He "pipelined" her)
by White Knight January 07, 2006
when you cannot keep your loud ass mouth shut about anything when someone tells you either a story, secret, etc. You have to tell everyone and their mother what happened to and to who it happened to. Once you tell them it just works down the pipeline.
I cant tell rafter anything at all anymore. All he does is pipeline all day long.
by peterchao September 21, 2009
A female of mediocre physical attributes. Often used in context of slash (an attractive female) and backslash (an unattractive female). Derived from UNIX definitions (i.e. \ | /).
In college, Judy was slash and never considered pipeline. Her room mate, Audrey was as pipeline as you can get.
by artifact of crunk August 20, 2004
when there is a line big or small of girls you would pipe (fuck)
first guy:you look at britnney and cammy there so hot.
second guy: thats an ill pipe line..
by puddin420 June 22, 2010

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