word definition: pipe dream n
a goal, hope, idea, or plan so fanciful that it is very unlikely to be realized.

everyone needs those pipe dreams.
you GUYS. its not FUNNY. pipe dreams wont come true if you havent GOT any. stop being stupid. i know you all have them. WHAT?? YOU DONT? stop fuckingwith me. OH MY GOD. FUCK YOU/FUCK ME okay. I THINK WE NEED A TIME-OUT *makes 'T' with hands*

BYE MY SWEET: sweetnsweaty pipe dreams babe
by cim April 19, 2003
The belief in God, heaven, jesus, salvation etc
that weirdo over there is chasing pipe dreams that he will go to heaven.
by Satan101 September 18, 2009
A fantasy someone has while under the influence of marijuana. Somewhere between a day dream and a regular dream.
When I was packin' the bowl, I had a pipe dream that I was on the beach in Jamaica!
by hbi September 19, 2004

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