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I don't know where everyone else got there definitions for laying pipe. However laying pipe is simply fucking the hell out of a girl.
Will;what are you doing this weekend
Guy;probally laying pipe to my girl.
by William Waldrep June 03, 2005
Doing a great big dump that renders the toilet unusable for the next hour due to pungency.
"Where's Tim? He's been gone for half an hour."

"He's laying pipe.
by turqoisenoise March 19, 2011
the act of sticking your hog into a swamp donkey
who laid pipe last night? i laid pipe last night
by mikesull November 06, 2002
when a girl sleeps with a guy with a large penis
Damn, I'd heard Joe be laying pipe
by Monique May 13, 2004
Pooper sex.
Man, I was laying pipe with this one nasty chick last night and she farted and cried at the same time.
by B. Miller October 22, 2003
(v) To take or the act of taking a shit. Specifically a large, cylandrical, log-like dump.
"I was laying some serious pipe on the shitter."
by Tom January 09, 2005
A term used in TV writing. It's things that you wouldn't actually say in life, but they say it on TV to help you understand what's happening in the story.
A character saying, "You're my sister and I love you...", so that we understand that she is the character's sister is laying pipe.
by Bama Self June 15, 2006
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